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Faculty and Staff

Response to Interventions

Wendy Bird
Elaine Burns
Kelli Dickerson
Teresa Flemming
Heather Hicks
Jamie Jennings
Monte Major
Regina Perkins
Jane Shirreffs
Bridget Triplett
Shannon Wooden


Burke, Julie
Chavers, Sakassia
Childers, Larry
Conaway, Jessica
Vanotteren, Rebekah


Allen, Chelsea
Alston, Robin
Bazemore, Ashlyn
Brown, Gloria
Byrd, Alicia
Davis, Sonja
Flowers, Krystal
Hortman, Christopher
Kelley, Cynthia
McAnaspie, Felicity
McCray, Demetrus
Mobley, Rosella
Newton, Lisa
Pless, Kiley
Reid, Rachel
Sutton, Keerstin
Tarver, JaQuanda
Tyler, Lillian
Whitney, Jacqueline
Wood, Candy

Support Faculty

District Instructional Coach Ashley Carter
Induction Mentor
In-School Suspension
Family Liaison
Lunchroom Manager
Media Specialist
School Nurse
Technical Liaison
English for Speakers of Other Languages Irina Bowen
English for Speakers of Other Languages Shawna Williams
Migrant Education Nelly Akins
Migrant Education Maria Rea

Student Wellness & Support

Special Education Logan Smith
Special Education Kathy Hindman
Special Education Kandace Brown
Special Education Penny Aubrey
Special Education Brooke Chance
Special Education Lauren Gardner
Special Education Tracy Maxwell
Special Education Jessica Wells 
Occupational Therapy Kirsten Patterson
Speech Therapist Raini Roesel

Teaching Faculty

Pre-K Kaley Ingram
Pre-K Sherry Scott
Pre-K Maggie Deal
Kindergarten Erica Beegle
Kindergarten Alivia Collins
Kindergarten Valerie McLaughlin
Kindergarten Mariar Moran
Kindergarten Ginny Smith
Kindergarten Suzanne Wubbena
First Samantha Beecher
First Diana Hernandez
First Nasya Gilbert
First Kara Fennell
First Madison Maples
First Sara Wheeler
First Grade Mentor Marchelle Russell
Second Dadeanya Daniels
Second Rikki Cannady
Second Cody Harpe
Second Valencia Robertson
Second Avery Weaver
Second Shereka Wilkey
Second Grade Mentor Allison Bailey
Third Carleigh Harris
Third Desiree Penton
Third Amy Tapley
Third Jessica Taylor
Third Paige Vickery
Third Erica Woodworth
Fourth Lydia Evans
Fourth Angeleetha Raymond
Fourth Libby Riggs
Fourth Mary Manahan
Fourth Cassie Sweat
Fourth Krystle White
Fifth Kimberly Brown
Fifth India James
Fifth Whitney Donagi
Fifth Melissa Purvis
Fifth Joanne Tate
Fifth Brandon Turman

Connections Teachers